How does the Personal Chef Service work?

First we have a free in-home consultation to discuss your requirements which includes a thorough food preference questionnaire. Alice takes your information and designs a menu plan tailored especially for you. We will then arrange a cooking day during which Alice will come to your house, with her own equipment, and cook 9 or 10 entrees and some additional side dishes. She will label the meals and leave them in your fridge and freezer with simple re-heating instructions. Alice will leave your kitchen sparkling clean and a delicious aroma will greet you at the door.

Your Personal Chef Service includes:

  • Customized menus, tailored to your taste and dietary requirements
  • Grocery shopping
  • Healthy, nutritious meals prepared in your home
  • Fresh local organic vegetables whenever possible
  • Quality fish and meat, local and sustainable whenever possible
  • Two week supply of healthy delicious meals

How much food do you get?

The standard service will provide you with two weeks of Monday – Friday supply of evening meals for two to four people, plus some side-dishes. For a nominal charge, you can order additional entrée servings to accommodate your guests or other family members.

How much does it cost?

The prices of the packages vary from $89.00 -$545.00 plus tax depending on what you are looking for.

The standard service will provide you with 9 or 10 days supply of evening meals for two people plus some side dishes for CA$385 plus tax. Should you have special diet or need meals for additional dinners there will be a supplementary charge depending on what is needed.

How much space do I need in my refrigerator or freezer?

This will depend on how many entrees and servings you order, and how often you want me to come by. But meals do take up a considerable amount of space in the freezer and refrigerator, so please make room in these areas before I come on the cooking day. My method of packaging is extremely space-efficient, and will maximize the amount of meals stored. I will also consider your freezer size when we first meet to deter¬mine your meal quantity needs. For refrigerator space, I typically advise my clients not to go shopping the day before I will cook for them, so I can cool down your products while I work.

Do you belong to any professional associations?

I am a proud member of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association. I am also a graduate of the Tante Marie School of Cooking, Woking, England and have a Degree in Hotel and Catering Management from Nottingham Trent University, England. I have a Business License from the City of Squamish and I am certified by FOODSAFE , the Province of British Columbia in safe food handling practices and requirements.